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Today and Yesterday

Since 2017, the IHM Archives has produced quarterly in-house newsletters that shared with the Sisters the stories of their own community. Now for the first time, these publications are available to a wider audience.  All content is from the Archives collections.

Volume 1, issue 1Volume 1, issue 2Volume 1, issue 3Volume 1, issue 4
Volume 2, issue 1Volume 2, issue 2Volume 2, issue 3Volume 2, issue 4
Volume 3, issue 1Volume 3, issue 2Volume 3, issue 3Volume 3, issue 4
Volume 4, issue 1Volume 4, issue 2Volume 4, issue 3Volume 4, issue 4
Volume 5, issue 1Volume 5, issue 2Volume 5, issue 3Volume 5, issue 4
Volume 6, issue 1Volume 6, issue 2Volume 6, issue 3Volume 6, issue 4
Volume 7, issue 1

Published in March, June, September, and December, each issue is a collection of recent discoveries and activities in the IHM Archives. For print copies of past or future issues, email