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Do you seek a more meaningful life? IHM Associates make a non-vowed commitment to share in the life and ministry of the IHM community.

Associates are women and men of different ages, backgrounds and faith traditions who are attracted to the vision and values of the IHMs. Associates maintain their own homes, families and lifestyles. After a period of discernment and orientation, they enter into a formal covenant with the community for a specific, renewable period of time.

There are three areas of association: prayer, community and ministry. While not mutually exclusive, these categories permit associates to clarify for themselves the primary focus of their involvement. We accepted our first IHM Associate in 1977, and we have been richly blessed by the diversity of experiences, gifts and challenges they bring into our midst.

By its very nature, the associate reality expands the options for connection with the congregation beyond that of vowed membership and opens up possibilities for exploring Christian partnership among a more broadly based community.

At the heart, the associate movement is recognized as the work of God’s creative Spirit among us. The insights and decisions to which it will draw us personally and communally will become clear only as we evolve together into the future.


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Barbara Bacci-Yogovich, IHM Associate
Anne Crimmins, IHM
IHM Associate Co-coordinators