Spirituality is broader than a specific faith tradition, style of prayer, or form of meditation. It is a way of being in the world that brings us to a deep and personal relationship with God.

Through a variety of programs and services, we are committed to fostering the spiritual growth and development of people of faith. We offer tools for your spiritual journey.

Spirituality Centers

We desire our entire campus to serve as a center of transformational learning, combining educational, spiritual and socially inspiring opportunities. Download our fall program schedule, which includes both in-person and online offerings.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an opportunity for individuals to talk about their lives and their experiences of God with a person specially trained in areas such as spirituality, pastoral ministry and interpersonal communication.


This page offers monthly reflections on soul-stirring encounters evoked by the author’s everyday life experiences. It invites readers to contemplate their own related experiences.

Prayer Requests

We appreciate knowing whenever you, your family and friends need our prayerful support. Submit your prayer request and be joined in prayer with our IHM community.