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Vowed Membership

What calls women to the IHM community?

  • Passion for the liberating mission of Jesus, calling us in new ways today
  • Acceptance of the different ways people seek God
  • Right relationship with one another and the entire interconnected community of life
  • Willingness to take risks for the sake of the future and trust in divine providence

If you’d like to know about a call to the IHM community, we invite you to explore the resources below.

The Call

There is something about a call,
There is something about those who answer a call
That changes us,
Transforms us,
Fills our lives with hope.

There is something about a call
More than we will ever know…
More than we can ever speak…

May you enter into the holy mystery of your call.
May you dance within it,
And may we dance with you.

Excerpted from a reflection by Julianna Casey, IHM

More info

For more information on the IHM Sisters, contact Candyce Reckert, IHM

Email:  Candyce Rekart, IHM

Thinking about religious life?
Try our Virtual Discernment Retreat.

A Nun’s Life

Looking for a non-vowed commitment? Our Associates program might be for you.