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History and Archives

IHM Sisters throughout their history have lived the legacy of pioneering and risk-taking that characterized our beginnings.

The IHM community began in the frontier settlement of Monroe, Mich., in 1845. Two visionary and action-oriented personalities, Father Louis Gillet and Sister Theresa Maxis, responding to the need to educate young girls, took the initiative and enabled the IHM community to take root and begin to grow. Their energy and spirit, poured out for the world, especially for the most abandoned, still pulse in IHMs today.

The legacy of Louis and Theresa lives on in this third century of service. It lives in our expansive global vision and our desire to further the coming of love, peace and sustainable living in our world. We desire to be a liberating influence on situations near and far. Underlying all that we do is the desire to further the coming of God’s reign in our troubled world.

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For a complete history of the IHM community, view our timeline.

IHM Archives

The IHM Archives preserves the official records of the congregation as a corporate body. It also contains material relevant to individual members and their ministries. Much of IHM history is closely linked to the Archdiocese of Detroit and other church units, but the Archives collection of their records is limited to material that relates directly to the congregation.

While the primary purpose of the collection is to serve IHM administration and members, researchers are welcome to make an appointment to use the collection.

The 2017 Founders’ Day exhibit, “Experiences and Expressions of the Arts,” used photos and artifacts from the Archives to highlight the creative talents of IHM Sisters past and present. View the exhibit here.


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