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Our Ministries

Guided by our mission and the most pressing needs of our time, we adapt our ministries and serve in a variety of areas.


We minister to and with one another. Many of us use our financial, pastoral and administrative gifts to serve various departments at the Motherhouse. A special area of ministry is to our retired community, with supportive services such as nursing and pastoral care.


For decades, we responded to God’s call ministering within parishes and in Catholic schools.  Following Vatican II, our ecclesial ministries include planning liturgies, coordinating Christian service programs and serving as parish administrators.


From our foundation, we have been dedicated to the ministry of education, and although there are fewer sisters in schools, that dedication continues. We have come to realize though that education is all-encompassing and moves beyond classroom walls as we focus on expanding an ecological consciousness in addition to traditional academic subjects. We also sponsor Marian High School and co-sponsor Detroit Cristo Rey High School with the Basilian Fathers.

Health Care

Throughout our history, the IHM community provided a continuum of health care for hundreds of sisters. We began welcoming others to recover from their post-hospital experience at our Health Care Center in 2010. Read more about IHM Senior Living Community >>

Human Services

We serve as psychologists and psychotherapists, nurses and legal advocates. Sisters also serve as clinical social workers, guidance counselors, community organizers and advocates for those most in need.


As we live the Gospel today, we respond to the call to serve God’s people by working with others to eradicate the causes of injustice and oppression. Together, we help create structures to bring justice and unity to our troubled world.


We first began working in Puerto Rico, in 1948. We have served on the continent of Africa since 1969 and in Mexico since 1985. Our ministries are varied and include education, pastoral care, human services and justice. The common element is to heed the call of God, regardless of where in the world it takes us.

Pastoral Care

We engage in pastoral ministries in parishes, hospitals, pastoral counseling programs and a variety of social agencies. In those roles we share life, accompany, guide, counsel and console, as well as celebrate and rejoice with God’s people as they live through the sorrows and joys, opportunities and crises of life.

Serving on Boards

Charitable organizations contribute substantially to our society. They educate our children, care for the sick, preserve the arts, house the homeless, protect the environment and much more. The fiduciaries of those charitable organizations are responsible for managing and preserving the charitable assets that benefit all of us. We serve on a number of nonprofit boards, including those of our sponsored schools and St. Mary Catholic Central High School in Monroe.

Spiritual Development

We are committed to fostering spiritual development through the various ministries in which we are engaged. The ministries provide opportunities and experiences for growth in prayer, the internalization of one’s faith, vision, theological reflection, social analysis and the witness of presence.