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Chapter Direction 2018

IHMAssemblyLogofinal_englishAs an IHM community, we believe the Spirit is inviting us to enter more deeply into the liberating mission of Jesus Christ (Luke 4, IHM Constitutions-Chapter One) as we come to understand it anew through the mystery of the Sacred Universe. Our spirituality and our shared humanity compel us to respond collaboratively with others to the challenges of our beautiful yet fractured world especially through our commitment to social, economic and ecological justice.

In light of our deep call to spirituality we commit our personal, ministerial, congregational efforts and resources to

  • Explore our IHM spirituality; create and coordinate new opportunities for experiential learning in theology, spirituality and integral ecology* for ourselves and the broader public.
  • Engage in sustained conversations among ourselves regarding differences in beliefs, values and practices, deepening our understanding and respect of one another.
  • Engage in respectful conversations with those who are seen as different because of ethnicity, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation and political loyalties and challenge stereotypes about those perceived as “other.”
  • Intensify our efforts to collaborate in the transformation of relationships, structures, and systems that perpetuate discrimination.
  • Accompany those who are seeking meaning in their lives through sharing prayer, ritual and emerging forms of spirituality.
  • Assess and modify our congregational policies, procedures and use of resources in light of our commitment to social, economic and ecological justice.
  • Expand our outreach to engage with others in our mission through use of on-line presence with special efforts to relate with young adults, especially women, on behalf of vocations to vowed religious life.

This commitment to the liberating mission of Jesus Christ compels us to act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with our God as we participate in the transformation of ourselves, our Church, society and our Earth community.

*Pope Francis uses this term in Laudato Si’ to express the links between our faith, social and economic justice and care for our Earth home.

Chapter Act
In the spirit of shared leadership and co-responsibility, we, the chapter delegates, direct the 2018-2024 Leadership Council to engage the membership in understanding the financial situation and challenge us to make individual and corporate decisions in view of the common good of the congregation and our commitment to social, economic, and ecological justice.
We, the members, commit to engage in this work of understanding and action.

The Chapter Direction and Chapter Act 2018 are available to download in English and in Spanish.