Contemplative Stance

CS Land

Reflectively being with our lives and our circumstances (in the acknowledged presence of the Divine) is the most basic and most simple way of living a contemplative stance. It presumes a life of prayer.

A contemplative stance is a way of praying about and living our beliefs and values as individuals and as a community. It is an invitation to listen deeply (contemplatively) which allows us to be truthful about our understandings and feelings regarding significant actions.

A contemplative stance is rooted in deep silence which demands presence and time in the midst of a busy world. It also necessitates respect for ourselves and others as well as deep trust in our experience of God.  It is based in the integrity of each member. It contributes to communal well-being because each person is a vital part of such a stance. It offers a way of making wise decisions through deep discernment by integrating the facts, beliefs and values and consequences.

A contemplative stance contributes to an ever deeper connection among the community members by being together at the depth of our beings with God – and then to let go…