Spirituality Centers

The IHM community offers an atmosphere of respect to all persons who are engaged in the quest for God.

We desire our entire campus to serve as a center of transformational learning, combining educational, spiritual and socially inspiring opportunities as we all grow to understand and take responsibility for our human role within Earth’s delicate and threatened web of life.

Riverhouse - front view - edited to remove AC unit and hose

River House-IHM Spirituality Center

River House-IHM Spirituality Center
Located on the banks of the River Raisin and directly across from our Motherhouse, River House is a stately brick home offering hospitality and  enrichment for spiritual seekers of all faith traditions. Learn more >>

Visitation North
Visitation North Spirituality Center is a place of welcome for all who seek quiet space, spiritual companionship or an opportunity for spiritual growth. Learn more >>

Maxis Spirituality Center
Retreats and programming at the Maxis Spirituality Center in Riverview, Mich., are under development. The center is available for groups of up to 25 people for day use only. Overnight accommodations for up to 12 people are available. Costs can be discussed with the Maxis Spirituality Center coordinator: lmoldenhauer@ihmsisters.org.

Please note that the Maxis Spirituality Center is for adult use only.

The Maxis Spirituality Center is located at 17380 Grange Rd., Riverview, Mich.