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Wish List

IHM donors have always been very generous when it comes to supporting the sisters. Now they have a unique opportunity to make life a little easier for the IHM Motherhouse residents.

Below is an updated wish list that highlights the 2022-2023 funding priorities. There are a variety of items and gift ranges from which to choose. Your gift of support will benefit the entire community, especially our retired sisters living within the Motherhouse.

After you have chosen the item(s) you wish to support, click on the Wish List button below to make a gift and indicate in the comment section which item your gift is for.

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees
Light up the Motherhouse Chapel and sisters’ lounges in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Need: 1 – 12 ft. – $750 each
Need: 2 – 9 ft. – generously donated
Need: 5 – 7 ft. – generously donated
Need: 16 – 6.5 ft. – generously donated
Need: 3 – 4 ft. – generously donated

Total Cost: $750

New wheelchairs are needed to replace the exhausted equipment in health care and memory care.

Need: 10 – 18″ Wide Wheelchairs – generously donated
Need: 40 – 20″ Wide Wheelchairs – generously donated
Need: 8 – 22” Wide Wheelchairs – generously donated
Total Cost: $0