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Currier Ann 2Born in Battle Creek, Mich., Sister Ann Currier was the seventh of 11 children of Augustus and Irene Currier. She was close to her father, though he died when she was 7 years old. Her mother, raised in the Baptist tradition, was baptized Catholic and made her First Communion the day of her wedding. Her faith and enduring love of Scripture had profound and lasting effects: two sons went to the seminary; Ann and her sister, Alys, entered the IHM congregation.

Ann met the IHM Sisters at St. Philip School, Battle Creek. On June 21, 1946, after graduation, Ann joined Alys in Monroe to become an IHM. In 1949, Ann began her ministries.

Her first six years were with second-graders at St. Rose, Detroit. Other mission assignments moved her to the Hall of the Divine Child; to St. Mary, Marshall, Mich.; then for 11 years to Holy Trinity and Holy Redeemer, Detroit. These were years of teaching and also of visiting the homes of the children. Her learning to live and thrive with limited income during childhood served Ann well in understanding the poor in her many years of ministry to the needy.

In 1971, Rev. Clement Kern invited Ann to return to Holy Trinity as pastoral minister. Home to immigrants from Europe, Mexico and elsewhere Trinity harbored the poorest, most diverse migrants in the archdiocese. In Rev. Kern and Sister Maura Morrissey, Ann found constant inspiration and support for her work. Daily, she walked the streets, visited homes, discovered the homeless and met their needs; at Christmas, able to provide for up to 800 families. Her ministry for 33 years, she was supported by her sister, Sister Alys, and by many generous donors.

Groups such as Business and Professional Women USA, Trinity Continuing Care Services and the National Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians recognized her humanitarian contributions. Appreciation came from Church leaders, such as Adam Cardinal Maida and Bishops Thomas Gumbleton and Kenneth Untener, as well as civic leaders, such as Mayors Coleman Young and Dennis Archer. She used these moments to garner support for those in need.CURRIER-ANN-87

By 2005, Ann had retired to the Motherhouse. Working with IHM Sisters Alys Currier and Josephine Sferrella, one of her first contributions to the Motherhouse campus was the restoration of St. Joseph Island. They refurbished the island, repaired the bridge, planted trees, shrubs and flowers with generous help from employees and volunteers. Their next venture was converting Lilac Court to Our Lady’s Courtyard, now marked by impressive floral beauty.

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