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Can I attend Mass at the Motherhouse?
Because of the ongoing pandemic, the Motherhouse Chapel is not open to the public. We are being extremely cautious in ensuring the health and safety of our residents and staff, as well as the faithful community who worship with us during the week and/or on Sundays. Liturgies are Livestreamed; the schedule is updated weekly.

Can I tour the Motherhouse?
When the current pandemic restrictions are lifted, we’d love it if you did! The tour is facilitated by the River Raisin Institute, a nonprofit organization founded by the sisters in 2003 to run educational programming on sustainability. If you or your group would like to schedule a tour, please call 734-240-9754 or email our tour registrar.

The Motherhouse is beautiful – can I hold a function there?
When the current pandemic restrictions are lifted, we offer area businesses, schools, organizations and families lovely facilities for a variety of purposes and rooms to accommodate groups of 15 to 250 people.

How can I contact a sister?
You can send a message via contact form.

Do you accept prayer requests?
Yes we do. Your intention is placed in our prayer book in the back of the Chapel and on our prayer board (we use only first names to protect your privacy). We also place your intention in the prayer bowl in the Chapel.

Is the labyrinth for public use?
You are welcome to enter into this rich spiritual tradition by experiencing the barrier-free labyrinth on the Motherhouse campus. It is available daily for private meditation.

What do the IHM Sisters do?
We’re committed to responding to the most pressing needs of our times. We serve in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Sudan and South Africa. Historically, we have ministered in education – and we continue to do so. But we can also be found in ministries such as pastoral care, human services, health care and justice.

What is right relationship?
“Right relationship” is part of the IHM Sisters’ mission statement; it means honoring and respecting the sacredness of all creation. Being in right relationship with the whole Earth community led us to our belief that sustainability is a moral mandate for the 21st century.

What’s an IHM Associate?
Associates are women and men of different ages, backgrounds and faith traditions who are attracted to the vision and values of the IHMs. Associates maintain their own homes, families and lifestyles. After a period of discernment and orientation, they enter into a formal covenant with the community for a specific, renewable period of time.

What is discernment?
Discernment refers to a careful, well-thought-out process of making decisions. It is not done quickly, but requires prayer, study and contemplation.

How do I become an IHM Sister?
You begin your exploration with our vocation director. She will walk with you through a process of inquiry, including the important component of getting to know many of the IHM Sisters.