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Ministry Appeal

Your gift to the Ministry Appeal helps us as we minister to God’s people in 13 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South Africa. Your support makes a difference.

The IHM Sisters have historically chosen education as their ministry, communicating values and imparting knowledge to children and adults of all backgrounds, from grade school through college and beyond. The sisters continue to serve in education, but also minister in other fields, such as pastoral care, human services, social justice, spiritual direction and health care as well.

Our times have brought about serious challenges to our educational systems and social infrastructure. Now, as previous generations did, we hear the call for us all to seek ways to serve one another and all God’s people, especially the most vulnerable. And now, as did all who have gone before us, we must work together to build a better world for one another and for future generations.

Your gift to the Ministry Appeal has never been more vital to the congregation and to those we serve. When considering a gift to the Ministry Appeal, we hope you will explore the full range of options – a contribution by phone, mail or online, or a monthly gift electronically through your checking account or credit card.

View the 2021 Ministry Appeal brochure here to learn more.

Ministry Appeal Gift