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Celebrating our 2023 Jubilarians

Congratulations to our 21 Jubilarians for 2023. Together, they represent 1,405 years of vowed religious life!

2023 Jubilarians

75-Year Sisters:
Eva (Mary Neumann) Schoell                   
Dorothy (Mary Seton) Diederichs               
Joyce (Rose Anthony) Durosko                      
Marie Cyril Delisi                                           

70-Year Sisters:
Juanita (Guadalupe) Bernard
Margaret (Thomas Edward) McAnoy
Kathleen (Kathleen Mary) O’Brien
Rose Marie (David Marie) Petranek
Janet (Janet Marie) Provost
Anne (Michael Ann) Wisda
Mary Ann Grates

60-Year Sisters:
Mary Bea Keeley
Diane (Ancilla) McCormack
Ann (Marie Nora) Nett
Valerie (Mary Keith) Knoche
Arlene (Ann Stephen) Jekielek
Theresa (John Christopher) Fix
Sharon (Mary Austin) Defever
Marcia (Marie Jeffrey) Andrews
Patricia (Ann Bernard) McCluskey