The last Saturday of July each year, the IHM community holds a special Jubilee celebration for those sisters who have milestone anniversaries. We celebrate 25-, 50-, 60-, 70-, 75-, 80- and 85-year Jubilarians. Together, these 27 IHM Sisters have ministered a total of 1,680 years!




2018 Jubilarians

80-Year Jubilarian

Sister Letitia (Florence) O’Connell

75-Year Jubilarians
Marie (Raynora) Hopkins
Ruth McGuire

70-Year Jubilarians
Marie Cyril Delisi
Dorothy (Mary Seton) Diederichs
Joyce (Rose Anthony) Durosko
Carolyn (Alicia) Kerwin
Therese (Catherine Marie) Lenihan
Eva (Mary Neumann) Schoell
Jacinta Szczygielski

60-Year Jubilarians
Rosemary (Mary Assunta) Cassar
Joan (Mary Virginia) Kusak
Betty (Marie Nicholas) Leon
Joan (M. St. Michael) Lowell
Marie (Lawrence Mary) Markel
Anita (Mary Leo) Pfeiffer
Frances (Rosenda) Pokriefka
Loretta (Vincent de Paul) Schroeder

50-Year Jubilarians
Kathleen Budesky
Joyce Campbell
Maureen Field
Patricia Frost
Marianne Gaynor
Susan Rakoczy

25-Year Jubilarian
Sister Sandra Poupart Valentin