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Leadership Taking Action

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Below you will find the most recent endorsements by the IHM Leadership Council of organizational sign-on letters and position statements on issues that are important to the congregation.

4/4/24: The IHM Leadership Council calls for a peaceful paradigm

The IHM Leadership Council recently wrote and sent a letter to Representative Tim Walberg to express our profound disappointment and concern regarding his recent remarks suggesting that Gaza should be treated akin to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Such a comparison is deeply troubling and displays a lack of understanding of the complexities and human suffering involved in conflicts like the one in Gaza.

As individuals committed to the principles of peace, justice and human rights, we find such statements to be irresponsible and inflammatory. To draw parallels between the tragic events of World War II and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza is not only historically inaccurate but also disregards the lives and dignity of countless innocent civilians caught amid this conflict.

We believe that diplomatic dialogue, empathy, and a genuine commitment to understanding the root causes of conflicts are essential in fostering lasting peace and reconciliation. Violence and destruction, as witnessed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, should never be glorified or used as a model for resolving contemporary conflicts.

We urge him to reconsider his words and approach to this issue and instead advocate for policies that promote dialogue, humanitarian assistance and respect for international law. Our collective responsibility is to work toward a world where everyone can live in peace and security, free from fear and violence.

We hope that he will take our concerns to heart and use his platform to promote reconciliation, understanding, and peaceful resolution to conflict around the world.

The IHM Leadership Council
Margaret Chapman, IHM – Treasurer and Mission Councilor
Marianne Gaynor, IHM – Vice President and Mission Councilor
Mary Jane Herb, IHM, President
Patricia McCluskey, IHM – Mission Councilor
Ellen Rinke, IHM – Mission Councilor