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Justice, Peace and Sustainability Weekly Announcement

“Building the future with migrants and refugees means recognizing and valuing how much each of them can contribute to the process of construction. I like to see this approach to migration reflected in a prophetic vision of Isaiah, which considers foreigners not invaders or destroyers, but willing laborers who rebuild the walls of the new Jerusalem, that Jerusalem whose gates are open to all peoples (cf. Is 60:10-11).” 

-Pope Francis

World day for migrants and refugees

The World day for migrants and refugees Sept. 27th is an international day designated by the United Nations to honor refugees around the globe and to celebrate their strength and courage as they are forced to flee their home countries. It is a time to open our eyes to realize the suffering of displaced people and do what we can to welcome and appreciate our immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters.

The theme chosen by Pope Francis for the 2022  observance of this day is “Building the future with migrants and refugees.” He invites us to grow together by promoting the cultural and spiritual contribution migrants and refugees are making to the communities welcoming them.

According to the 2022 Global Report on Internal Displacement, there are an estimated 59 million internally displaced persons worldwide. Among them, there are 38 million displaced due to conflict, violence and disasters. Click here to learn more.

Pope Francis views this day focused on migrants and refugees as an opportunity to reflect on their global contributions and highlight the work of the church to welcome, protect and integrate them.

Support Refugees

  • Urge Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act (S.4787/H.R.8685). Following the military withdrawal from Afghanistan a year ago, thousands of at-risk Afghans were evacuated to the U.S. via “humanitarian parole.” These refugees, given temporary status, now live under legal uncertainty with no certain path forward to citizenship. A group of bipartisan legislators introduced legislation to allow these Afghan refugees to adjust their status to lawful permanent residency. If enacted, the bill known as the Afghan Adjustment Act, would make that permanent status a reality. Click here for more information and a phone script.
  • Offer prayerful support, study and raise awareness to our sisters in McAllen, Texas and Juarez, Mexico and local groups like Strangers No Longer, Freedom House and Catholic Charities who welcome refugees.

DID YOU KNOW …? Human trafficking always exploits vulnerability and migrants are among the most vulnerable populations. This vulnerability can arise in an instant, as a result of conflict or after a natural disaster. Migrants and refugees experience vulnerability along every step of their journey. What are some of the trafficking risks for refugees? Most lack money, food or shelter during their journey making them vulnerable to traffickers. They experience a lack of community, family, social structures and networks. Read further here.

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