Justice, Peace and Sustainability Weekly Announcement

Oct. 29, 2020

The development of a global community … based on the practice of social friendship on the part of peoples and nations calls for a better kind of politics, one truly at the service of the common good.
Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti #154

Sign the “Count Every Vote” Pledge

Election Day is a less than a week a day and a record of more than 60 million voters in the United States have already cast their ballots. While some have attempted to undermine faith in our election process, our country can hold safe and secure elections. We’ve held successful elections through good times and bad — the Great Depression, both world wars, and the 1918 influenza pandemic — and we can do it again this year. However, we must trust state and local election officials to do their jobs and remain patient while they count the votes this November.

The November elections may not be smooth and it may take longer to determine the results than in previous elections, but we can get through this election period together. We, as individual voters, the media, candidates, social media platforms and the political parties can and must be patient while local election officials count every ballot cast in accordance with applicable laws.

Many have shown their support for the Count Every Vote campaign and signed the pledge to ensure a fair and accurate vote count. Click here to sign the Count Every Vote pledge today to make sure every vote is counted this November.

On a related note, be sure to check out the recording of Georgetown University’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought in Public Life’s recent dialogue, “Election 2020: The Moral and Public Obligations of Winners, Losers and the Rest of Us.”

Did you Know?

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, a “Prayer for Peace: Election Day and Beyond” will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the Motherhouse Chapel. This will be an hour of prayer for peace and nonviolence in our country on election day and beyond. The service will begin with a Morning Taizé Prayer service and finish in contemplative prayer. IHMs are joining LCWR and other religious communities in prayer on election day. This prayer service is open to IHM Sisters and Associates in Monroe County who would like to attend in person. It will also be Livestreamed for those who cannot attend in person.

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