Justice, Peace and Sustainability Weekly Announcement

Aug. 15, 2019

The participants of Chapter ’94 commit themselves and call the IHM Congregation to continue to develop and act of out of an ecological consciousness, individually and corporately. Specifically, this means … collaborating with others in shaping public policies that will foster ecological co-responsibility and eco-justice.
-IHM Enactment on Eco-Justice

Act Now to Protect Lake Erie

Five years ago this month, toxins from a harmful algal bloom in Lake Erie contaminated the drinking water system in Toledo, Ohio. More than half a million people were ordered not to drink, or even touch, their water for days.

Harmful algal blooms threaten public health, wildlife and the fishing, tourism and recreation industries that are central to our region’s economy. Right now, another harmful algal bloom is forming on the surface of Lake Erie. These blooms are caused by runoff pollution from agricultural lands. Unfortunately, not enough action has been taken to address the root of the problem.

It’s going to take swift action by government, accountability and changes to agricultural practices that can benefit both farmers and the lakes. Click here to sign a petition to Michigan Governor Whitmer, Ohio Governor DeWine and Ontario Premier Ford urging them to act now for a clean Lake Erie.

Did You Know
With concerns about toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie, widespread toxic PFAS contamination surfacing around the region and ongoing lead contamination in Flint, the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition is calling on 2020 presidential candidates to support a Great Lakes platform for clean drinking water. Go to the IHM Elections 2020 page. You’ll find “A Great Lakes Platform for 2020” in the “Voter Guides” section.
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