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Feb. 20, 2020

In America today a faith-filled voter is called to approach voting from a stance of bridge-building and healing for our nation. Such a voter is also called to integrate into [her/his] voting decisions the major salient elements of Catholic teaching that touch upon the political issues of our day, understanding that these teachings vary in priority and claim, but are united in their orientation to the common good.
Bishop Robert McElroy

Lent 2020: Becoming Spirit-Filled Voters – Our Faith and Election Day

Lent begins next Wednesday, Feb. 26. This Lent, NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby invites you to join it on a reflective journey about voting, faith and the importance of claiming your role in our democratic process. Sign up for “Becoming a Spirit-Filled Voter,” and you will receive weekly emails on how we can listen to one another, envision a more just future and grow as advocates in our democracy.

This Lenten guide will explore why we are called to vote in elections and stay involved in the political process. During each week of Lent, NETWORK will email reflections, prayers and actions to prepare ourselves to act as justice-seekers in the 2020 election season.

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Did you Know?

IHM Sister Amata Miller writes, “We hear that things are booming and also that many Americans are unable to live in basic dignity. So, we have to ask: Among whom are we standing? To whom are we paying attention? And why there is such incredible inequality?” Read more in her latest reflection, “Economic Boom for Whom?” on the IHM 2020 Elections Page.

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