Justice, Peace and Sustainability Weekly Announcement

April 18, 2019

There is an urgent need to develop policies so that, in the next few years, the emission of carbon dioxide and other highly polluting gases can be drastically reduced, for example, substituting for fossil fuels and developing sources of renewable energy.
- Pope Francis, Laudato Si'

This Earth Day, Urge Leaders to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

Two recent scientific reports — one from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and more recently, the United States government’s own Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA) — reveal the scope of the serious and widespread impacts we are already feeling from global climate change. These important studies reinforce the risks climate change poses to our planet. They also reveal that some of the most severe effects will come sooner than expected — unless we accelerate phasing out fossil fuels, drastically reduce our carbon emissions and transition to cleaner, smarter energy right now.

The worst effects of climate change can still be avoided if we compel local and national leaders to step up and act. As we approach Earth Day, click here to send a message to the president, your senators, representative, governor, state legislators, Energy Secretary Perry and EPA Administrator Wheeler urging an end to climate denial and bold action to address the problem.

Happy Earth Day!
Join us for the 2019 IHM Earth Day Celebration which will be held on Thursday, April 25, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Maxis Community Room. The theme is “Earth Our Home: Teach Us.” This year’s celebration will feature a brief prayer service and a presentation by Gloria Rivera, IHM on how nature wants to be our teacher, model and mentor. This will be followed by exhibits on things we can each do to reduce our carbon footprint.
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