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Memories – 2000s


Name: IHM Sisters Joan McGrath (deceased), Loretta Schroeder and Kate Seidenwand (deceased)
School: St. Mary of Redford (Detroit)
Memory: I have so many wonderful memories with these three great ladies of the Christ! Whether it was cheering me on in rustic sports, challenging me academically or correcting out-of-line behavior, I have you three to thank for really caring and ensuring my success. I am a senior undergrad student at MSU and many times I sit and wonder how I developed into the man of Christ that I am, and your three faces come to mind. Thank you, I love you and God bless you!
Submitted by: Michael Lumpkin
Note: Sister Loretta volunteers in Monroe.


Name: All IHMs
Memory: How could I ever forget. A young laborer just had told me a plane had hit the Twin Towers in New York. My mind concluded that it was probably foggy and was a lost pilot off-course having dificulty reading his altimeter and heading compass in what I imagined was a small aircraft. How wrong I was. We were neck deep in the historical Motherhouse renovation, I was the leading superintendent and I had around 110 tradespeople in and around the campus. I learned shortly afterward on the local news that skyscrapers in Manhattan are the targets of terrorism. They were reporting the begining of the tyrannical assault on innocents with hijacked passenger jets as the arsenal. Needless to say, we closed operations for the day. God bless the IHM and all their peaceful loving ways, and God bless America. I was extremely proud to be part of such a historical project and to be able to perform for the good sisters of IHM.
Submitted by: Mark LaMay