January 2020

The IHM commitment to sustainable living in right relationship with Earth emerged out of long years of study, prayer and work in pursuit of justice, peace, nonviolence, planetary consciousness and eco-justice, all of which are interconnected. Empowered by the Spirit, IHMs continue Jesus’ transforming mission by enfleshing these values in congregational and personal decisions.

The journey is far from over. To embrace sustainable living requires the most fundamental and comprehensive changes ever required of humans. As a species, we must relearn our place in the universe. We are one species in the community of life on Earth, not the pinnacle of creation. Our capacity to survive and thrive is irreversibly linked with the health and vitality of the living, breathing organism of which we are part. What we do to the planet we do to ourselves.

We must also re-imagine “the good life” for our species. The consumerism driving the global economy necessitates the exploitation and destruction of the Earth, tolerates grinding poverty for 80 percent of humanity, and numbs our souls. Meantime, those who are poor often decimate their environments simply to survive. The spiritual challenge for those of us who benefit from this economy is to rediscover that life to the full is about being at home on this planet; about giving of ourselves for the well-being of Earth’s community of life; about participating in the divine and creative energy which continues to birth and heal the universe.

Contemplating the immensities in which our lives are situated – our living, breathing planet; the solar system; the Milky Way galaxy; the still unfolding universe – opens us to the great cosmic drama in which we participate. We dance before the Creator whose divine energy lives in us and in the magnificent universe. We celebrate in Jesus, the one who is for us the Way – a way of profound, self-giving love so that all may have life to the full. We live in the Spirit who prods us this very day to become the thriving, flourishing Earth community that is God’s dream for us – one of peace and unity harvested from the seeds of love and justice.

Mary McCann, IHM