December 2017

Isaiah, throughout this season, gives voice to the longings of a people alienated from their God. We recognize the feelings of estrangement, homelessness and disconnection from Divine Light, and we too long for union with the one we call God. In our world today, complex energies are at work. People are searching for connection, meaning, peace, inclusion and love. At the same time, many are experiencing unprecedented violence towards one another and the absence of loving relationships. What kind of world is being born among us? Tumultuous as it may seem, we are secure in the knowledge that a loving God is within all and we search this deep abyss to listen for direction.

Reflection photo dec 2017

Let’s close our eyes for a few minutes and imagine that each of us is a seed, a fruit, a flower or a vegetable. Alone, seeds can do nothing. A seed needs soil, microorganisms, air, warmth, moisture, darkness along with other plants, birds and insects. Since we know that relationship and reciprocity are needed for manifestation, we enter into this cyclical dance within the seed. In time, the fruit ripens and is given.

So it is for us and the birthing of a new way in our world today. All that we hope for, the KINDOM of love, justice, compassion and peace is hibernating right beneath the surface. We are invited each day to go within to touch the TRUTH of who we are, ONE with God and with one another. This seed of the new is in each of us. From this place of awareness, we are invited to deepen our sense of communion with all in the sacred community; lovingly receiving the gift of God’s love and the unique role that each plays. Then, and only then, can we open our hearts and risk entering into relationships of cooperation and love never really knowing where/when the breakthrough will happen.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Pat Nagle, IHM