July 2017

I have heard many things about dreams. Dreams that come based on our own experiences or dreams that come from our imagination. Only recently, I was asked to consider reflecting on dreams and how they relate to my stage of life. Well, I will share that my dreams were not as I expected. At times, they started with my sense of being pursued and pursuing another, or destruction and rebuilding. So my dreams became a little scary for me. However, I can see their relation with to my life and I also started to learn lessons from them.

For instance, pursuing another dream, I think about God chasing me with love and blessing, but when I am pursuing another, it means to me, not letting go of things that I need to let go of. Or when I dream about destruction and rebuilding, I think it as an opportunity to be reborn and to rediscover myself.

Also, I believe that through my dreams, God invites me to keep wondering about the mystery of life and to embrace the unknown by keeping an open heart to receive what is to come. That could be facing challenges, identifying my role as part of the universe, reflecting on my relationship with each human being, getting out of my comfort zone and engaging in a renewed commitment to life. I believe that at the end, it will lead me to liberation.cloudscape-1209929_1920

On the other hand, what happens when I am disappointed with my role in my dream? Can I deny or reject them? Sometimes, I do not have an answer or understand. Whether my dreams are real or not, I turn to the Holy Spirit to ask for wisdom and understanding. Also, I pray for strength to walk the path without fears, with curiosity, love, freedom and to be open to the present moment trusting God, who created me. Thinking through my faith affirms and moves me beyond myself. Maybe it is simpler than I thought!

The truth is, dreams can provide us with opportunities to learn lessons needed. Sometimes you will understand them, sometimes not; sometimes you will be surprised or maybe you won’t remember them at all. Whatever it is, we can look at them from different perspectives and see how they could relate to our lives.

María Dolores Toledo-Vélez, IHM Candidate (Puerto Rico)