April 2019

Recently, I attended two funerals where the selected Gospel reading was the one where Jesus was approached by future disciples asking, “Where do you stay?” His response was, “Come and see.”

I have been haunted and challenged by the question as if it were asked of me, of all of us who believe and follow Christ. It has turned into an ongoing examination of consciousness. Where do I stay in my beliefs and in my actions?

If I stay in the belief that whatever I do to the least of my brothers and sisters, I do to Christ, then where I stay in my worldview has consequences. I commit myself to care, to not be an innocent bystander, not just disagree with injustices, but to stay in the slow process of social change. Not only to stay, but to stay in the attitude of Christ that all are worthy of love.

I am finding that this is not an easy task. I am more aware that it is not enough to recognize and talk about the social issues of our time. We need, each in our own way, to develop the staying power of Jesus’ grace.

Can we commit to stay in the grace that flows from the Spirit into our hearts? Can we stay in a lifestyle that care for all of creation?

Most of all, can we live in a way that makes others ask of us, “Where do you stay? We would like to live as you live.”

Patricia Rourke, IHM