May 2017

Woven Together in Love
Mary Ann Flanagan, IHM

Recently, I took a stroll over to the periodical section in our wonderful library. My eyes were drawn to one of my favorites: Weavings. I was surprised to read that the volume I held in my hand was their last. For 30 years, I have been enjoying so many authors’ reflections on life and faith! I will miss this treasure for sure! I would like to share a prayer that is offered to us in its pages. It seemed perfect for Weavings: woven together in love.

Creator of the beginning Word,
Author of the unturned page,
Storyteller of life,
You inscribe us on the palms of your hands
And every breath we breathe
Is written on your scroll.
Our gratitude is indelible;
Our hope in you cannot be described.
Love, O God is your first language
           And life is our shared story-
                          Begun, continued, and unending in You-
           For by your hand we are,
                          In truth and forever,
          Woven together in love.

By Pamela C. Hawkins. Weavings Vol. 32 #1 Jan 2017

Life … begun, continued and unending in you, for by your hand we are, in truth and forever, woven together in love. The month of May celebrates so many life events that evidence communions of a million facets. Who doesn’t remember the First Communions of innocent children who tenderly meet their friend Jesus in a new way, linking them to all the brothers and sisters of the world? How about those garden walks through neighborhoods to “ooh” and “aah” over creation’s bounty and variance in the tiny to the grand flowers of the season? In such an experience we find ourselves united in a kind of awesome appreciation of God’s lovely fashion show of bounty.

In such memories cited, there is a sweetness, a disposition of gratitude, a fondness of relationships known. And May 2017? My mind and heart attract me to less comfortable experiences of woven together in love, or shall I say the lack of being held in solidarity of love and mutual concern. The former positive images still remain vibrantly alive, but there is also a heaviness that comes from too many images of violence and division among peoples, shattering the oneness of being woven together in love. Let us ask fervently of the God of all Communion to hold us in a oneness that we so desperately need.