October 2018

children-1876027As I was leaving my office one evening, I heard a little voice call out. It was my little 2-year-old friend; he was playing in the labyrinth and wanted me to join him. I stood in the middle and watched him run in circles. After a circle or two, he would run up to a tree and give it a big hug.

As a life science teacher, I encouraged students to hug a tree and say “thank you” because trees and humans are examples of nature’s recycling. We exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen. The tree takes in the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. What a wonderful and necessary relationship! We are learning more and more about trees’ cooperation, interconnectedness and interdependence. Their life radiates the values we want to live.

If we desire to be good stewards of all of creation, we must get to know the gifts other species have and share, enriching life. “Urged by the love of God we choose … to build right relationship … with the whole Earth community.”

Mary Ann (Charles Therese) Bredice, IHM