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Catholic Sisters Week 2023 Feature Image

Catholic Sisters Week 2023

Fifty-two weeks a year women religious stand with the poor and immigrants, teach children, fight injustice, heal the sick, share spirituality, empower women, defend the planet, promote peace, create community and offer hope … But for one week,  the spotlight will shine on women religious. Catholic Sisters Week (CSW) is an annual celebration that takes place from March 8–14. It was created to honor women religious and bring greater focus to the lives of these incredible women.

Each day this week, we will challenge you to join the IHM Sisters and Associates in real everyday practices that make a difference. Are you up for the challenge? #catholicsistersweek

Wednesday, March 8: volunteer

The IHM Sisters minister in many grassroots efforts in the community. Anne (Michael Anne) Wisda, IHM, reading to a young child, is pictured here. Sister Ann has volunteered in various capacities at Oaks of Righteousness Christian Ministries for years.

As we celebrate Catholic Sisters, we challenge you to volunteer your time and talents in your community. Whether helping out in a formalized role at a local nonprofit or casually helping your neighbor, one person can make a difference!

Thursday, March 9: social justice

IHM Sisters and Associates focus on ecological integrity, social and economic justice, peacemaking and global solidarity wherever they are. Barbara Beesley, IHM, stands with other women who do the same. As we celebrate Catholic Sisters Week, we challenge you to support and stand with those who will speak up for social justice issues.

Friday, March 10: live sustainably

Janet Ryan, IHM during the 2000 Motherhouse renovation.

When the IHM Sisters began a massive renovation of their 376,000-square-foot Motherhouse in 2000, they committed to running every decision through an ethic of sustainable living. That principle works on any scale. As you make choices for your own family and lifestyle, we challenge you to embrace sustainable options. Consider refurbishing rather than replacing. When replacing is unavoidable, choose things that are energy efficient or that promise the least waste. Conserve water with a shorter shower or a rain barrel for watering flowers and plants. 

Saturday, March 11: life-long learning

Barbara Bacci-Yugovich, IHM Associate, challenges you to pick up a book, newspaper, or article for your own life-long learning and enjoyment.

Sunday, March 12: spirituality

IHM Sisters and Associates challenge you to set aside time to nourish your own spirituality. Find the time and place that help you touch into your inner being where contemplation, compassion and solidarity thrive, wherever that may be.

Pictured here are Sisters Barbara Stanbridge, Mary Ann (John Andrew) Markel, Marianne Gaynor and Nancy Sylvester attending a ritual of prayer and sharing on the Marygrove campus in Detroit. IHM Sisters, Associates and other women interested meet there monthly.

Monday, March 13: care for the Earth

Sisters Margaret Chapman and Audra Turnbull love to garden. They challenge you to take time in nature, care for the Earth and enjoy its beauty.

Tuesday, March 14: share a moment

We challenge you to invite someone into conversation with whom you seldom engage. Call, text, or send a note to someone on your mind recently. Share a gesture and a moment of caring with someone. Sister Lisandra Pedraza Burgos and Sister Beth Wood are pictured here sharing a moment at an IHM event at the Motherhouse.

If you have a story about how you incorporated the IHM challenges during Catholic Sisters Week, please send an email to or call 734-240-9838.