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IHM Leadership Council Endorsements and Public Statements – 2022

May 25, 2022

IHM Sisters Say, “Enough” in the Wake of Another Mass Shooting
For the second time in one week, it is necessary for the Leadership Council of the IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan to speak out publicly in condemnation of a mass shooting. Earlier this week, an 18-year-old opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas where he killed 19 children (between the ages of eight and 10) and two teachers. This horrific act follows just days after a white supremacist walked into a grocery store with a gun in Buffalo, New York and murdered 10 people.

We pray for the lives lost, the families torn apart and the survivors (especially the young children) who will be forever traumatized by yesterday’s senseless violence. While we are both sorrowful and outraged, we are also hopeful that this will finally be the moment that we stand up together as a nation and say, “Enough!” From Aurora to Buffalo, to Oxford, to Parkland, to Sandy Hook, to Uvalde and in communities across the nation, a lethal combination of guns, violence, racism, hatred and political inaction is costing countless lives. But mass shootings like this are not inevitable. Our elected officials (at both the federal and state levels) have the power to stop these atrocities and they can and must do everything possible to pass meaningful gun violence prevention legislation.

At the federal level, we invite you to join us in calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202- 224-3121 and ask your Senators to move quickly to pass enhanced background check bills that have already passed the House. If you live in Michigan, we invite you to go to  to learn about the various policies that the “End Gun Violence Michigan” campaign is promoting to save lives. These include universal background checks, safe gun storage, “red flag” laws and bans on guns in government buildings. May our collective grief and anger at this moment be transformed into meaningful action.

May 18, 2022

The IHM Leadership Council Denounces White Supremacist Gun Violence in Buffalo
On May 14, a predominantly Black community in Buffalo, New York was rocked by an act of white supremacist gun violence that took the lives of 10 people and injured three others. This horrific mass shooting was fueled by racist conspiracy theories that have, sadly, become common in our political discourse, on social media and in some mainstream news outlets. It was facilitated by our nation’s continued refusal to enact any meaningful gun safety legislation in the face of mass shooting after mass shooting. We condemn both the systemic racism and the culture of gun violence that are the root causes of this tragedy.

The Leadership Council of the IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan grieves with our sisters and brothers in Buffalo and we recommit ourselves to addressing systemic racism and cultivating non-violence within ourselves, our congregation, our Church and our national and global communities. We offer the following prayer (adapted from one created by the Ignatian Solidarity Network) and invite others to pray with us:

God of abundant love,
In the aftermath of another horrific act of violence and racism,
In which, human lives, sacred and precious, were lost,
We pray for blessing and healing in the Buffalo community.

In a special way we pray for:

Celestine Chaney
Roberta Drury
Andre Mackneil
Katherine Massey
Margus Morrison
Heyward Patterson
Aaron Salter
Geraldine Talley
Ruth Whitfield
Pearl Young

And the three individuals who were injured during the attack. We pray for their loved ones and for all who were present during the attack and who are grappling with its aftermath.

We hold in our hearts all those killed by gun violence and who are victims of racism, as well as those victimized by hateful lies.

God, wrap your healing love around these individuals and their families and communities, and inspire each of us to act with prophetic love so that racism and violence have no place to grow in this world.


Feb. 15, 2022

The IHM Leadership Council recently endorsed an organizational sign-on letter to the Biden administration requesting an 18-month Temporary Protected Status (TPS) extension and re-designation for South Sudan.

South Sudan’s TPS designation is set to expire on May 2, 2022. But South Sudan is still under conditions making safe return impossible. New and escalating armed conflict, devastation from environmental disasters, and an intensifying humanitarian crisis presenting extraordinary and temporary conditions qualify South Sudan for extension and re-designation. Both extension and re-designation are vital to safeguard the lives of both current TPS holders and South Sudanese individuals who have arrived in the United States since the last re-designation in 2016.

The IHM Chapter 2012 Directions state, “Together, with those who share our vision and values, and in solidarity with those who are made poor and marginalized by existing structures, we choose to move forward with profound trust in the power of the Spirit, living the liberating mission of Jesus Christ.” This endorsement was made with this commitment and the IHM community’s ongoing support of and ministry through Solidary with South Sudan in mind.