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Chapter 2012 Statement

Chapter logo Master 4x4We, the Monroe IHM Community gathered in Chapter 2012, unified by our quest for God, for justice, and for deeper relationships, commit ourselves to:

We recognize that our Chapter commitments are all interrelated, and that by addressing one, we touch all.

We give priority in our conversations to our evolving understandings of God and our relationships within the Church.

We recognize and reverence the diversity among us.

We desire liberation from all that holds us bound, personally and communally.

We will deepen relationships with God, within the IHM Community, with all people and Earth.

We will implement collaborative leadership more fully in the context of current IHM documents.

In the spirit of our founders, who in a different time risked everything, we too find ourselves at the threshold of an uncertain future. Together with those who share our vision and values, and in solidarity with those who are made poor and marginalized by existing structures, we choose to move forward with profound trust in the power of the Spirit, living the liberating mission of Jesus Christ.