2018 RBC/RBO Golf Winners

2018 winning teams

Women’s 18-hole winners







First Place
Jan Mignano, Holly Laginess, Amy Marcero and Pam Moskwa







Second Place
Mary Nader, Mary Delrue, Cathy Miller and Louise Pochelski

Longest putt = Jane Herb, IHM
Straightest drive = Sherry Fredrick
Longest drive = Amy Marcero
Closest to the pin = Nancy Wilkie

Women’s nine-hole winners







First Place
Mary Ellen Charnley, Katie Malnar, Barbara Kozlowski and Sheila Hoetger







Second Place
Mary Downey, IHM, Carol Surma, Denise Goethals and Shelly Mathieu

Straightest drive = Denise Goethals
Closest to the pin = Carol Surma
Longest Putt = Liz Cantu

Mixed nine-hole winners







First Place
Betsy Brower, Liz Cantu, Tom Gough and Linda Gough

Men’s 18-hole winners







First Place
Steve Walker, Brad Kubert, Jerry Soloman and Larry Kubert







Second Place
Paul Matthews, Richard Brady, Ethan Costello and Kevin Costello

Longest putt = Mark Turon
Straightest drive = Harry Zoccoli
Longest drive = Steve Willman
Closest to the pin= Larry Kubert

Mixed 18-hole winners







First place
Jay VanBuren, Kevin Freng, Steve Frassetto and Jaymee Parker

2ndplace18-holemixed-MargaretChapman, IHM_JaneHerb,IHM_JerrySheehan_AnneCrane,IHM






Second place
Margaret Chapman, IHM, Jane Herb, IHM, Jerry Sheehan and Anne Crane, IHM