Earth Charter

[T]hese directions challenge us to build a culture of sustainability based in right relationship, economic and social justice, inclusivity and nonviolence.”
- Chapter 2005/2006 Directions

On Earth Day 2004, the IHM congregation endorsed the Earth Charter, joining thousands of organizations and individuals around the world, including schools and churches, ecological and religious organizations, diocesan social justice commissions, socially responsible investment groups, universities and townships.

The Earth Charter is the most negotiated document in human history. More than 1,000 groups on every continent were consulted as it was being drafted. It calls for integrated solutions to the interrelated social, economic and environmental problems facing the globe today. At its core it is a spiritual and ethical manifestation of people’s identity, relationships, work and political advocacy for the public interest.

Prior to the endorsement, the IHM community spent several weeks in study and prayer, which included comparing the 16 principles of the Earth Charter with positions the community has taken throughout its history. The symmetry between the two was exciting and compelling.

The IHM congregation continues to discern ways to enact the corporate stance.

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