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Virtual Discernment: What next?

Take action! Follow up on what your mind and heart have been showing you!

Know that you can trust your God to continue with you on this journey. You have nothing to fear. God is not finished guiding you.

Final Blessing

“May your journey
through the universal questions of life
bring you to a new moment of awareness.

May it be an enlightening one.

May you find embedded in the past,
like all the students of life before you,
the answers you are seeking now.

May they awaken that in you
which is deeper than fact,
truer than fiction,
full of faith.”

 Joan Chittister, OSB, in Welcome to the Wisdom of the World

Next step


Feel free to call or email Candyce Rekart, IHM, director of initial inquiries and candidates, at 734-240-9820 or