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Memories – 1990s

1990  1991  1998


Name: Sister Andrea Lee
School: Marygrove College (Detroit)

Memory: There are far too many to list. Sister Andrea taught me to put math work on my “eye lids” at night. It is a teaching method to help one understand math. I eventually graduated with a 3.851 with a degree in Math (not my original major). She, along with Sisters Amata Miller and Elizabeth Larson, gave me respite (I have lupus) in their home according to MY needs. Sister Andrea Lee led by example. I recongize to one is perfect but she comes so close. I loved and adored her then and even though I lost touch, my love and adoration has increased. Thank you for everything.

Name: Sister Elizabeth Larson (deceased)
Marygrove College (Detroit)
Memory: Sister Dr. Larson has had a great impact in my life for several reasons. I choose to tell a very important lesson she taught me in Sociology 101; “not to view another’s culture from my sociological perspective, but rather to try and empathize/understand theyr morals and norms and work from there.” This has helped me to not be judgemental as well as want to learn about others. My life has been so enriched because of this practice. GOD BLESS and GOD SPEED.


Name: Sister Anna Mary Waickman (deceased)
School: Marygrove College (Detroit)
Memory: I’ve never seen anyone as hardworking and dedicated as Sister Anna Mary Waickman. Every time I think of Marygrove and the Library, she’s the picture that comes to mind. While I worked there as a student assistant, she was a friend. I just want to thank her for the wonderful memories, advice and support. More than words can say, thanks Sister Anna Mary for everything.
Submitted by: Carmen Arganoza-Franciliso
Note: Sister Anna Mary died Jan. 11, 2009

Name: IHM Sisters Joan McGrath (deceased), Loretta Schroeder and Kate Seidenwand (deceased)
School: St. Mary of Redford (Detroit)
Memory: I attended SMR grade school from second through eighth grade. Sisters Kate and Joan were the principals and Sister Loretta was our guidance counselor. I was definitely afraid of Sister Joan, but it was a good thing. Back then students respected teachers and principals – not like today. The impact on my life and quality of education I had because of these sisters has been evident through my life ever since. I love those sisters and will never forget them. I’m very sorry to hear of Sister Joan’s passing. Rest in peace, Sister Joan. My sympathy to her family, friends and surviving sisters.
Submitted by: Sidney (Gene) Brown
Note: Sister Joan died March 11, 2012; Sister Kate died April 6, 2014.


Name: Joan McGrath, IHM, and Kate Seidenwand, IHM (both deceased)
Memory: I am very recently hearing of the passing of Sr. Kate. I worked as music instructor at St Mary of Redford for a good number of years (1989-1996). One of the best things I have done with my life. The school was truly excellent as it educated many of the sons and daughters of people who themselves were educators. The Spring and Christmas concerts were always wonderful. Bless them. Bless you all.
Submitted by: Dr. Brandon D. Spence, Director of Music, Sacred Heart, Dearborn
Note: Sister Joan died March 11, 2012; Sister Kate died April 6, 2014.

Name: Frances Gabrielle Hess, IHM
Memory: I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Sister Frances Gabrielle Hess. She taught me many things and she impacted me more than any professor has. It is always a good memory when thinking of her. She is always in my heart. Thank you, Sister, for all that you taught me.
Submitted by
: Michele Jendrasik Mormando

Name: Sister Ursula Hughes, IHM (deceased)
Memory: In the mid 1990s Sr. Ursula came to monitor the computer lab at St. Mary Catholic Central High School. She was the perfect person for that position. She kept a close eye on the students and kept perfect order in the room. But what was most important was that she always required basic rules of politeness. She became known as “Sister Please” or “Sister Thank You” and was dearly loved by the students and faculty. May Sr. Ursula rest in peace!