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Ms. Katie Gordon, MTS

While we might not know exactly what this future looks like, efforts like Nuns & Nones can model the open dialogue and deep collaboration beyond affiliation and across generation that can allow our future to unfold in such a way that imagines us all having a place. … I can imagine no better adventure to embark on together: to find where at the edges of religious tradition and spiritual practice we can join together and create the ground on which future life can be rooted and grow.”
-Katie Gordon, Nuns & Nones: An Unfolding Expression of Spirituality*

Ms. Katie Gordon, MTS, is a national leader in the movement bringing together young adult seekers—the “nones,” named after the category on surveys asking about religious affiliation. She is a national organizer and facilitator of Nuns & Nones; of Sisters and Seekers in western Michigan; and of intergenerational and spiritually diverse collaborations. She is an intern with the Impact Lab of the On Being Project, focused on community building through radio, podcasts, and online media, such as #surpriseweresoulmates. She is also the 2019 Joan Chittister intern working with Benetvision and Monasteries of the Heart.

She is deeply involved in How We Gather, a groundbreaking study on “… new life emerging at the intersections of community, spirituality, and social justice.” It has become both a laboratory and a creative supporter of spiritual innovation, such as the online Formation Retreat. The dynamism of the collaboration among On Being, the Fetzer Institute and Harvard Divinity School led to additional studies that mined the insights of How We Gather.

There is a thread of interfaith work throughout her emerging career and she notes on her blog, “I found that I could remain engaged with these world religions by doing interfaith work.”

Her academic education is interdisciplinary: a bachelor’s degree in political science and religious tudies from Alma College; a master’s degree in Interfaith Action from Claremont Lincoln; and a Master of Theological Studies degree in religion, ethics and politics from Harvard Divinity School.

* Katie Gordon, “Nuns & Nones: An Unfolding Expression of Spirituality” in The More … (Vol. 4, No. 1 (Fall/Winter 2018)