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Pray for Peace in Ukraine

It has been one year since the war in Ukraine began. At that time, we issued the following statement that continues to hold true today. We invite you to continue to pray with us.

Following in the non-violent footsteps of Jesus, the Leadership Council of the IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and we call for peace. Our hearts are breaking as we watch the situation unfold and calls for diplomacy are flouted. We agree with the assessment of Pax Christi International, leaders in the global Catholic peace movement, that war in Ukraine will lead to immense suffering, death, displacement of people and mass destruction with long-lasting effects on the country’s economy and global stability. On the Russian side, there will be many casualties among the soldiers, often young conscripts, who have been drawn into war. Equally, the environmental impact of weapons of war will be enormous and devastating.

We unite with communities across the country and around the planet in prayer and action for peace. We join Pope Francis in calling for the global Catholic community and all people of faith and goodwill to make Ash Wednesday (March 2) a day of prayer and fasting for peace and an end to the war in Ukraine. Let us pray for the lives of those already lost in this conflict. Let us pray that the Spirit of comfort and compassion will envelop all of those living in the region. Finally, let us pray for a cease-fire and a renewed  pursuit of global peace and diplomacy as we join in a unified voice to say, “War is not the answer!”

Pray for peace every Wednesday
IHM Spirituality Ministries host a prayer service online every Wednesday. Join via ZOOM at
12 p.m. EST for 25 minutes of guided quiet. Please invite friends, colleagues, parishioners,
students and family. The prayer is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Julie Vieira at