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Celebrating Epiphany Feature Image

Celebrating Epiphany

On this feast of the Epiphany we celebrate the manifestation of God to all peoples of the earth. And remarkably, God appears, manifests, as an ordinary child, docile and allowing himself to be led by the events and circumstances that surrounded him.  Yes, God manifesting in human form. God, a child, dependent, “loving the world so much”, even a messy world, with violence living beside gentleness and terror surrounded by deep peace. Truly, our God comes to be one-with-us, Emmanuel. Will we be one-with-this God in our humanity today? 

Joyce Rupp

Celebrate the revelation of God, one-with-us. Enjoy the video prayer reflection, Refugee King,  done by Susan Francois, CSJP and set to “Refugee King” by Liz Vice (2019) .