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Advent Reflections Feature Image

Advent Reflections

Every year during Advent we slowly come to realize and to believe that there is a deeper hope, a truer and more profound liberation. We are called to grow in our hope and our faith and to believe Christ will be our light! Enjoy the weekly reflection videos presented by the Leadership Council.

The second Sunday of Advent: candle of peace

As we await the advent of Jesus, how do you prepare? How can you make the path straight? What obstacles are in your way to finding the Peace that Christ Jesus promises? In this second week of advent, Marianne Gaynor, IHM, asks us to reflect on one of our challenges and find a way through it.

The first Sunday of Advent: candle of hope

Hope is a light shining in a dark place. As Pat McCluskey, IHM, lights this candle, we celebrate the hope we have in Christ.