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Season of Creation 2021 Feature Image

Season of Creation 2021

Season of Creation 2021: A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God

The oikos is a home for all, but it is now in danger because of greed, disrespect, disconnection and systematic degradation. We have forgotten that we live in the household of God, the oikos, the Beloved Community. Our fundamental interconnectedness has been at best forgotten, at worst deliberately denied.

Abraham’s tent is a symbol of our ecumenical call to practice creation care as an act of radical hospitality, safeguarding a place for all creatures in our common home, the household (oikos) of God.

This year’s logo for the Season of Creation is Abraham’s tent symbolizing, “A home for all”. Abraham and Sarah opened their tent as a home for three strangers, who turned out to be God’s angels (Genesis 18). By creating a home for all, their act of radical hospitality became a source of great blessing.

The Season of Creation is celebrated through Oct 4th, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. You are invited to join the IHM Sisters, Associates and IHM Senior Living Community in praying for an increased respect for and care of our common home.