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IHM Altar Bread Ministry

The IHM Sisters became a distributor of altar bread products in September 2017, when the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix transferred this long-time ministry to the IHMs. We felt honored to be asked to continue the Altar Bread Ministry and are grateful to the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix for entrusting this ministry to us. We use primarily Cavanagh breads and currently provide the following options.

Presiders’ Breads

Peoples’ Breads

Also available …

Some needs are seasonal; others may change according to the preference of the presider. For your convenience, we can ship orders automatically on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, providing you with worry-free delivery. If that doesn’t work for you, we welcome “call as needed” customers as well. All orders are prayerfully prepared and shipped by UPS. Our last shipping day is typically Wednesday to be sure your order arrives before the weekend. We will also work with you in creating the most economical plan given your needs and storage capabilities.

We are grateful to all who participate in this ministry that helps support our sisters.

Please contact us for further information and a price list. We look forward to serving you.

IHM Sisters
Altar Bread Department
17320 Grange Rd.
Riverview, MI 48193