The IHM Sisters first began working in Puerto Rico in 1948, expanding to Africa in 1969 and Mexico in 1985. Our ministries are varied and include education, pastoral care, human services and justice. The common element is to heed the call of God, regardless of where in the world it takes us.

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Currently Ministering Overseas

Maria Antonia Aranda Diaz, IHM
Carmen Armenta-Lara, IHM
Judith Coyle, IHM

Caroline Diez de Andino, IHM
Lisandra Pedraza Burgos, IHM
Maureen Kelly, IHM
Sandrita Poupart Valentin, IHM

Sandrita Poupart, IHM
Susan Rakoczy, IHM
Annette St. Amour, IHM