2019 Jubilarian – Margaret (Kevin Mary) Hughes

I grew up on the east side of Detroit with two brothers and two sisters; we all attended Assumption Grotto School. I attended Girls’ Catholic Central High School where I met the IHMs, and I entered the community after high school.

My formation group attended college classes in Scripture, Gregorian chant, theology and our major college classes relating to history and English. At the same time, we were learning and living the IHM Rule with much time for silence, prayer, recreation and of course, work.

My main ministry through the years has been teaching elementary school in the Detroit area, namely southwest Detroit. All of us sisters were immersed in Hispanic culture; I grew to love the people and their traditions and celebrations.

In 1985, I was invited to join the IHM pastoral team in Honduras. That was an unforgettable, challenging experience of living in another culture. The people were our teachers. I returned to the Detroit area after more than three years to help care for my mom, who had become very ill, and I began teaching at Holy Redeemer in southwest Detroit.

At Holy Redeemer, a group of us went regularly to the Milan Prison for the Spanish liturgy. In 1990, after much prayer and reflection, I decided to embark on a new ministry and returned to Marygrove for a degree in pastoral ministry and a certificate in criminal justice. No jobs were available at the time, but I was eventually invited to take a job at Detroit’s Fourth Precinct police station, under the auspices of the Women’s Justice Center, working with survivors of domestic violence, particularly those who were Spanish-speaking.

I helped the survivors file personal protection orders, accompanied them to court hearings and assisted them in getting services for themselves and their children. I loved my work – meeting and helping so many survivors. At the Fourth Precinct, we were like a family helping each other. Some of the police officers were former students!

After 16 years with the police at the Fourth Precinct, I retired. I’ve lived in the Corktown area of Detroit for more than 35 years and participate in neighborhood meetings and group projects. I also assisted in delivering food to needy families and rescue missions; the food was brought from a suburban parish by Anne Mamienski, IHM.

My life now centers around helping others in need of assistance within our IHM community, my neighborhood, friends and family. My older sister recently moved to assisted living in Utica, Mich., so I have been helping her a few times a week.

I also now have more time to respond by letter-writing and contacts to our city, state and other leaders regarding political problems that affect many people, especially those in need. And I have more time for visits to the prisons.

My heart is filled with gratitude for 60 years as in IHM. I truly appreciated IHM Sisters, Associates and people I met in the various ministries. All been sources of God’s  love and support.