2019 Jubilarian – Angela Therese Meram

Sister Angela Therese Meram was an Eastern Rite Catholic before entering the IHM congregation. Her parents were among the first immigrants from Iraq and settled in Blessed Sacrament Parish, Detroit.

Sister Janet Sullivan’s first class was half-filled with these immigrant children who spoke no English. At the end of the school year, she announced that she liked them so much that she was going to keep them another year.

Sister has four siblings, and all had IHMs at various times, so there always was that constant nudge to become an IHM. However, she had to change Rites, from Eastern to Western Rite. Our postulant mistress, Sister Marie Elise, petitioned Rome several times on her behalf and succeeded. The Church desires to preserve those Rites and the process is much easier today.

She has taught elementary school most of her life: St. Timothy, Trenton, Mich.; St. Charles, Newport, Mich.; Assumption, Albuquerque, N.M.; St. Mary, Monroe; Holy Trinity, St. Boniface-St. Vincent and Gesu, Detroit; St. Martin of Tours, La Mesa, Calif.; St. Cyril, Taylor, Mich.; St. Cyprian, Riverview, Mich.; Sacred Heart, Dearborn, Mich.; and Our Mother of Confidence, San Diego.

During her ministry at Sacred Heart, she supported the IHM Missions and at the annual Craft Show, sponsored a booth for IHM Missions. She baked cookies, pastries, breads and cakes. It was so successful that she continued to do it for 15 years and raised $30,000 over the years for IHM Missions.

One of the parents at Sacred Heart asked if she would consider baking a wedding cake. Sister took on the challenge. It was baked and decorated, ready to be transported. Plan A was to pack it into her car … Ooops, didn’t fit. Plan B: she called her friend at a local funeral home and asked if she could borrow the hearse. Luckily, no one died so it was available. She transported the cake to her destination, just in time for the wedding party. Guests were arriving at the wedding party in gowns and formal wear as Sister was unloading the wedding cake. She hoped the hearse was no indication of a short-lived marriage.

She has many interests and hobbies: art, plays guitar, sewing, singing, dancing, shaking and baking, to name a few. She takes on challenges and learns from them.

Presently, she is subbing at Gabriel Richard High School, awaiting the next nudge from God.

She speaks Chaldean (Aramaic) fluently, the language of Jesus, so she feels that she always has a direct line. Middle Easterners have a strong sense of faith, devotional and passionate. When asked why she still wears the veil, she feels it has a witness value and being identified to minister in a way she may not otherwise be identified. You can also find her easily in a crowd.

Parishioners describe her well: “If you want things done, just ask the nun.” During one of her vocation talks, one of her students asked if nuns ever retire. Her response was: “Never… Priests retire. Nuns expire.”