2015 Jubilarian – Carolina (Esperanza) Diez de Andino


Diez de Andino, Carolina

Sister Carolina Diez De Andino was born in Puerto Rico. She discovered her IHM vocation when she was a little girl and the IHMs taught her at Academia Santa Teresita. She was drawn to the IHMs because of their kindness and academic excellence.

Because her parents opposed her call, for she was their only child, Sister Carolina took matters into her own hands. In 1964, while studying at the University of Puerto Rico, she left home secretly and joined the IHMs. With time, her parents understood her mission and came to love the IHM community.

As a sister-educator, sister Carolina had many important educational opportunities. These have enabled her to carry out her formal teaching of young adults at the university level with professional excellence for most of her religious life. In 1967, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Marygrove College and in 1971, her master’s degree in religious studies from the University of Detroit.

In 1989, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico granted Sister Carolina a master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) because of an Interamerican scholarship she obtained while working at this institution. In 1994, she earned a doctorate in bilingual education, thanks to a United States government fellowship she won in a national competition.

Polytechnic University has been Sister Carolin’a place of ministry during the last 20 years. She combines the study of the Earth Charter and theological reflection with the critical analysis of world news in her teaching of English as a Second Language. In response, the learners write provocative essays and design projects to save humanity’s and the planet’s resources while challenging their audiences with persuasive oral reports in fluent English.

Sister Carolina’s greatest joys since joining the IHMs are the congregation’s fidelity to the Holy Spirit and her ministry in formal education with young adults. She enjoyed the Alphonsian formation she received in the novitiate and the liberal education she was given at Marygrove College. The Eucharist, holy Scripture and daily prayer sustain her. She believes her greatest blessing has been being an IHM and thanks God daily for her vocation.