2013 Jubilarian – Teresita Marie Nazario

Jble NazarioSister Teresita Marie Nazario entered the IHM congregation with Sister Juanita Bernard, the first two Puerto Ricans who joined.

“We stayed at St. Michael in Miami for a few days and then continued our journey by train. We wore our postulant dresses for the trip, and we were very happy. I am very grateful to God and to Mary that we are still here as members of the IHM community.”

Sister Teresita’s first ministry was teaching kindergarten at St. Joseph, Dexter, Mich.

“Sister Marie Delores was my first superior and encouraged me in my religious life as well as in my teaching. She made it easy for me and told me how to say ‘yellow’ instead of ‘jello.’ I loved the parents and the children very much. The only problem was that the children were picking up my accent!”

She next taught at Holy Trinity (Detroit) before returning to Puerto Rico to teach, first at Colegio de la Merced (Cayey), then at Colegio de San Joaquin (Adjuntas), followed by Academia de Santa Teresita (Santurce). After 14 years, Sister Teresita took a leave of absence and lived with the Sisters of Charity for four years.

“It is difficult to realize what you have until you lose it,” she notes. “After much growth, and with love and understanding, I came back to the IHM community.”

She ministered as principal at Colegio Sagrada Familia and Escuela Bella Vista, both in Santurce, before a year of renewal. She returned to teach at Escuela Louis Pereira Leal and then at Escuela San Augustin, both in Rio Piedras, and at Centro Educativo Hogar Crea (Guaynabo). After “retiring,” she volunteered at Centro Educativo.

God guides me, so I will always be close to Him.
- Teresita Marie Nazario, IHM

In all her ministries Sister Teresita’s sense of humor was paired with her sense of hospitality. She loved to welcome sisters and friends who visited Puerto Rico, showing them the highlights of the island.

She was moved by God’s love and her deep desire to do God’s will and “to be His instrument, “to live in His grace.” In this context, she described herself as the “Coqueta del Señor” (the Lord’s Coquette). She recognizes God as the Love of her life, and for that reason, she felt it was important to be beautiful, inside and out. (It is understandable that cosmetics of course, were going to play an important role…)

“I know God is always with me. He gives me everything I need. In the Eucharist I experience that unique closeness. In that moment I talk to God and God speaks to me. I say to Him, ‘¡Mira! (Look!) Don´t leave me alone. Please, forgive anything I have done that has hurt you, and help me not to do it again.’ Eucharist is the most important thing in my life! When I go to communion I feel a profound peace and I know that God will take care of everything, and that all will be well.”