2013 Jubilarian – Marcia (Marie Jeffrey) Andrews

Jble AndrewsSister Marcia Andrews got the call to enter the IHM community her freshman year of college. As she was walking down the hallway of her dorm, she felt as if “God just fell upon” her.

“I was filled with love for God and experienced God’s love for me. You know how people act kind of nutty when they are in love? Well I was nuts.” This love for God superseded all else. Sister Marcia completed her freshman year, broke up with her boyfriend and joined the community in September.

She entered the community during Vatican II. When she entered, she had all the energy of a teenager. Her exuberance occasionally got her into trouble; she was sometimes reprimanded for talking too loud, laughing too hard, or just having too much fun.

Her first mission was at Blessed Sacrament in Detroit teaching first, second and third grades. She then taught third grade in Albuquerque, N.M., for 10 years. Wanting to try something different, she moved to Socorro, N.M., where she went into pastoral ministry.

“I tried to bring spiritual formation to every ministry I was in contact with, bringing prayer and laying on the hands and blessed oil. I gave hundreds of workshops trying to bring a sense of spiritual calling to ministry.”

She felt a keen sense of belonging. Women were especially drawn to her ministry, and Sister Marcia gravitated toward supporting them. “I found the women thirst for spiritual depth the most.” She
loved bringing about this spiritual awakening to her ministry.

I’ve always thought whenever God speaks to us we get the grace not to be afraid.
- Marcia Andrews, IHM

“I found great joy in ministry to women. And ministering to other ministers. I think I’ve given a workshop for every ministry in the parish, including presider. That’s the kind of teaching I love. God showed me that I had been given a charism for teaching. I found out it was to adults.”

Sister Marcia has witnessed God’s presence many times in her life. For instance, when her contract ended after one year of being a pastoral administrator in a rural parish, she couldn’t find another job. She was near her family during this time and was able to help her sister after a serious illness and then cared for her brother when he had colon cancer.

Sister Marcia feels it was God’s will for her to have the experience of being with her family when they needed her. “You know how they say when one door closes God opens another? Well, God closed a door in my life and kept closing them until I was where I was supposed to be.”

Currently, she works with her sister at the Clinton County Baby Pantry and helps out at Meals on Wheels.

Reflecting on her time as an IHM, Sister Marcia has never lost her passion for her work or her love for God; she continues to laugh as often as she did during her novitiate.