Patricia Meyer, IHM Associate

Patricia Meyer, IHM Associate, died Oct. 9, 2019 at age 81. She met the IHM Sisters as a young child when her family moved to St. Patrick Parish in Carleton, Mich.; the school was staffed by the IHMs. She graduated from St. Mary Academy, married and started a family.

When her children were old enough, Pat returned to school; she was part of the first nursing graduating class at Monroe County Community College. Because she never lost her love and appreciation for the IHM Sisters, she worked as a registered nurse in St. Mary Health Care Center for many years, caring for the sisters.

She served as a volunteer for a number of organizations, including God Works! Community Soup Kitchen; Monroe Lutheran Home; and St. Patrick’s Women’s Guild. She also taught religious education, started and led a local 4-H group and was part of a team of lay people who met weekly with women at Monroe County Jail.

She became an IHM Associate in 1990 because she had, “a special love for their values, ideals and especially their spirit of service.” In her later years, her ministry was one of prayer.