Memorial and Tribute Gifts

The IHM community is deeply grateful for your kindness through the Memorial and Tribute Gifts program. Those honored or memorialized are remembered by the sisters in their daily prayers.

We have assembled a packet of beautiful cards for you to send to the honored friend or bereaved family, and you can then notify the IHM Development Office of your gift. Or if you prefer, we will send a notification of your gift to whomever you designate, along with a card conveying the sympathy or best wishes of the IHMs.

We will send you a gift acknowledgement for tax purposes once we receive your gift.

in honor ofOur tribute card to recognize a special occasion or to honor a loved one
bears the words from Philippians 1:
“I thank God every time I think of you. Every time I pray for you,
I pray with joy.”


In memory of

The memorial card reads
“May God’s peace and strength be with you in your time of sorrow.”








More info

For additional information, questions or to order a packet of cards, email or call the IHM Development Office at 734-240-9860.