Spotlight on Associates

IHM Associate Council reflects …
By:  Barbara Bacci Yugovich, IHM Associate Co-Coordinator and Kathleen Tkach, IHM Associate

 The IHM Associate Council recently reflected on our work together over the past three years around the following questions:

  • What goals of the Associate Council have been highlights from your perspective?
    • The 40th Celebration of Associates focused on the theme, “God weaves one community.” One community has created deeper connections and that associates are “becoming a given.”
    • We expanded from one associate to two associate representatives on the IHM Coordinating Council. Associates wholeheartedly responded to joining either a Mission, Wisdom, or Blessing Circle in the new government plan, increasing associate participation.
  • As we prepare for new Associate Council members to join us, what vision/goals do we see needing our attention?
    • We have grown to understand that IHM Associates have a three-pronged reality: local, national and international. Council members grow in this awareness through our membership with the North American Conference of Associates and Religious (NACAR), an organization that acts as a catalyst to serve, empower and promote the associate-religious relationship.
    • To continue building our relationship with the Scranton Associate Office.
    • To establish a “circle” with our current associate candidates and their IHM companions.
  • How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted our understanding of the future work of the Associate Council?
    • Adaptability has been key as well as “staying connected” through Zoom and by reaching out to sisters and associates anyway we can.
  • How do we expand involvement of more associates?
    • Consistent communication and invitation are key to effectively engage and expand associate participation.

We thank all the Associate Council members for their leadership as we bid farewell to outgoing members, Peggy Thompson, Mary Jane Janssens and Kathleen Tkach, who contributed so much.