Spotlight on Associates

CAMERON-JANET-343A few learnings
By Janet Cameron, IHM Associate

When I recently read about the “learnings” experienced by Associate co-coordinators Anne Crimmins, IHM, and Barb Bacci-Yugovich, IHM Associate, it reminded me of some important things.  I know how grateful I am for my spiritual call and my commitment to the IHM Mission as I serve, engage in my Mission Unit and participate in community events. For me, it is liturgy, prayer, reflection, values, ministry, the ongoing presence of being one together that brings life to each of us.

An unforgettable “learning” happened this past summer during Community Days when we shared “My Journey of Living the IHM Mission.” Wow! Our eyes, ears, hearts were open to each other as each learned the scope of IHM Mission lived today. The “journeys” were displayed so you could glance/peruse them to know and believe in the love of Jesus, in the IHM Mission.

“Learning” happens when I’m involved with retired teachers, veterans’ needs, singing in my parish choir or at the local library. Each day I try to say, “I made a difference for that one!” A significant “learning” happened when the community facilitated the IHM Associates’ participation in the OSP IHM Convocation July 2015 in Scranton!

These “learnings” definitely inform and impact my living as an IHM Associate. Eternal gratitude. Amen.