Spotlight on Associates

CONNER-MARY-291Learnings as an IHM Associate
By Mary Conner, IHM Associate

My connection with the IHM Sisters and Associates began in 1998 after reading an obit in the Monroe News that a person I was acquainted with was an associate with the IHMs. I quickly got in touch with one of my classmates from St. Mary Academy who is a vowed IHM. Together, we began my journey as an associate.

As I reflect on my learnings as an associate, the following reflections come to mind. I found that walking into the Motherhouse, I feel the IHM charism, particularly in the Chapel.

I worked alongside Sister Ursula (Hughes), who invited me to help her in the Chapel, and now 17 years later, I am still here.

I feel a part of the IHM mission. Transporting sisters to and from doctor appointments was the perfect opportunity to become familiar with all that it takes to serve the community. My time in these hallowed hallways has always been a wonderful experience. It is my “happy place” where all is amiable and inspiring.

Book clubs, proxy voting, Justice, Peace, and Sustainability, are all ways I learn about the work of the sisters. The sisters even formed their own Red Hat Group and out of that came a published “Compendium of Poems” written by Helen Opresek, IHM, after her death. I have learned that this spiritual call to IHM mission impacts my life. I thank the Holy Spirit every day for the opportunity to be connected to this ongoing mission!