Spotlight on Associates

“Living the Charism in Turbulent Times”
By Barbara Bacci Yugovich, IHM Associate Co-Coordinator

This year’s annual North American Conference of Associate Leadership Retreat took place May 13-16 in Houston at the Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center. Janet Mock, CSJ, facilitated the three-day retreat, at which 23 congregations were represented. The theme for our gathering was “Living the Charism in Turbulent Times.”

Over these days, Janet invited us to explore, through prayer, reflection and small and large group sharing, the context in which we find ourselves as associate leaders: the reality, grief and hope of bearing and sharing a charism at this time in the world and in the Church.

We also reflected about the call to self-acceptance and were invited to share significant stepping stones in each of our lives, which was a profoundly sacred experience.

As we reflected in prayer on our Earth, we asked ourselves how to embrace present realities in our world and at the same time what helps us to be aware of and move into local and global solidarity with others, with Earth and with the Cosmos. I heard the question beckoning us to ponder what is mine and what is ours to do?

Left to right: Barbara Bacci Yugovich, Janet Mock, CSJ, and Jane O’Neill

In our large group sharing, we also talked about engaging with others into the energy of future possibilities. And yes, we had time to enjoy the warm Texas sun, the beautiful retreat grounds and getting to know one another. Particularly special for me was meeting and spending time in conversations with Jane O’Neill, IHM Scranton Associate Leader.

In one of our prayers, titled “Carriers of a New Vision,” Christa Henrich, SLW (ad.), wrote, “We are carriers of a new vision that is the Trinity’s dream for us – to be creative, loving, and free as we reflect and affirm the Word in the world and live our Charism in Turbulent Times.”