Spotlight on Associates

A thought- and prayer-filled year
By Chuck VanVleet, IHM Associate
(Chuck made his Associate Covenant on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018.)

Chuck - updated headshotFinding my way into the IHM family began on a gray February day three years ago, taking me to an open house and tour of the IHM Motherhouse. It was there that I met the sister who became my IHM mentor [Carolyn Campbell, IHM]. It was at that time that I felt the joy and community of the IHMs and also felt the strong spirituality that surrounded me in the building.

I believe that “the call” began on that day and so did the tug to serve and belong. The preparation year with my mentor and the Associate Journal was a thought- and prayer-filled year, using the Scriptures and IHM Constitutions as guides for further growth … growth into the IHM community as an associate.

When the thrilling day that I made my commitment at the IHM covenant ceremony during Mass arrived, together my mentor and I made that walk up the aisle to the altar where I would make my initial commitment to the IHM community as an IHM Associate.

Here starts the service to a congregation that I had come to love over the past year. Being a “hit the floor running” kind of person, I have begun my service to the community as a member of the AIDS Committee and as a companion to a dear IHM friend who is living in Health Care at the Motherhouse. It is such a pleasure and joy to join in prayer, mission and ministry with the IHM congregation!