Spotlight on Associates

My journey with the IHM Sisters
By Judy Beyer Chezick, IHM Associate

My journey toward the IHM community began the first time I walked through the front door of the Motherhouse in the spring of my junior year of high school. I knew then
that was where God planted the seed for my life.

After graduation from Our Lady of Lourdes, I entered the community in September 1956. Due to health issues, I left in March of 1959, but I never lost my love for the community.

In 1970, after reading about Margaret Brennan’s House of Prayer Movement, I called her and asked if I could be in one of the Houses. Without any questions, she went and brought back Sister Ann Chester. I spent six weeks in a House of Prayer that summer and met Sister Cecilia Campbell and Sister Anne Durack. What a great spiritual experience that summer was for me!

After that wonderful experience, I made an eight-day directed retreat. It was there that the Spirit spoke to me of a possibility of becoming an associate with the IHMs. So again with a call to Margaret, I told her of my idea and she stated she was thinking along those lines also. I received a note from her with an invitation to the first meeting for the IHM Association in 1970, which I attended, but nothing else came after that meeting for me.

In 2014, I met Sister Elizabeth Walters and we discussed the IHM Associates. I called for information and made my Covenant of Association in May of 2017, with Elizabeth as my IHM companion on the journey.

My experience has been great, with many special blessings. I was reunited with Sister Cecilia and Sister Anne Durack. After Cecilia’s, death I met Sister Ann Isabelle Tefend. What a joy they were in my life. Also, I saw and visited others in Health Care and Memory Care.

Another special treat I have been involved with is the Altar Bread ministry with two great IHMs, Sisters Agnes Anderson and Susan Mahalik.

I desire to continue my journey with the IHMs in their spiritually and with the ministries the Spirit has lead me to throughout the years in both of my parishes, St. Vincent Pallotti and Christ the Good Shepherd.