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St. Mary Organic Farm

IHM Community Garden coordinator

Bob Dluzen3cc

Robert “Bob” Dluzen

For decades, the IHM community was largely self-sufficient. St. Mary Farms supplied food, not just to the Motherhouse sisters, but to the convents (and sometimes the schools) of the sisters ministering in and around Monroe and Detroit — “going local” long before it was commonplace.

St. Mary Organic Farm (SMOF) is a two-acre community organic garden that began in 1998. It is dedicated to the renewal of local, sustainable food. Traditional plots as well as raised beds are available for lease. New and seasoned gardeners grow food, flowers—and community.  Some of the organic produce grown supports the local food pantry.

Gardeners are a diverse group of IHM Sisters, Associates and staff; families; older adults; and children. They grow organic food and flowers to inspire, enjoy and educate on environmental responsibility and healthy living. SMOF offers educational programs, meditations and a monthly newsletter.


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The monthly spring and summer Garden Almanac newsletter provides the latest Community Garden news, information about organic gardening in general, as well as other interesting topics and upcoming local events.


Considering a gift to St. Mary Organic Farm? Donations are always appreciated and are tax-deductible.