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Related Books

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power
Joel Bakan

Governments have abdicated much of their control over the corporation through deregulation and privatization, and to remedy the situation, Bakan advocates improving the regulatory system, strengthening political democracy, and creating a robust public sphere.

Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth
David Bollier

David Bollier argues that a great untold story of our time is the staggering privatization and abuse of our common wealth, such as publicly funded medical breakthroughs, software innovation, the airwaves, the public domain of creative works, and even the DNA of plants, animals and humans. Too often, however, our government turns a blind eye—or sometimes helps give away our assets. Silent Theft outlines an ambitious new project to reclaim our common wealth.

The SRI Advantage: Why Socially Responsible Investing Has Outperformed Financially
Peter Camejo, Ed.

The SRI Advantage presents overwhelming evidence that SRI has outperformed financially, explains why and examines the implications for investment professionals, investors, pension funds and community/nonprofit groups.

Socially Responsible Investing: Making a Difference and Making Money
Amy Domini

The way you invest can contribute not only to your bottom line but also to a just and fair society. In this book, the movement’s pioneer and the name behind the Domini 400 Social Index—Amy Domini—shows you how.

Capitalism at the Crossroads: The Unlimited Business Opportunities in Solving the World’s Most Difficult Problems
Stuart L. Hart

Global capitalism stands at a crossroads and today’s global companies are at a crossroads, too: finding new strategies for profitable growth has never been more challenging. Both sets of problems are intimately linked, and so are the solutions.

No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies
Naomi Klein

At once infuriating, provocative and inspiring, No Logo uncovers the insidious practices and effects of corporate marketing – and the powerful potential of a growing activist movement that is changing the face of the 21st century.