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2019 Event: Where is Your Hope? Spirituality and Seekers

Join us for the 2019 Margaret Brennan IHM Institute for Spirituality, Culture and Church event on Saturday, Oct. 12, 9 a.m.–3:30 p.m. at Marian High School, 7225 Lahser Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

Where Is Your Hope? Spirituality and Seekers
A Day of Exploration and Conversation

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The day will feature two keynote presentations, conversation sessions and contemplative space, all within an atmosphere of seeking God together in community. The cost for the day is a $50 suggested donation and includes all event programming, lunch and refreshments.

Schedule for the day

We welcome all spiritual seekers no matter who you are or what your spiritual or religious persuasion is. Perhaps you are unaffiliated with a religious tradition or maybe you regularly attend religious service. Maybe you feel “on the edges” because of your spirituality, lifestyle or work in the pressing needs of our time. You are most welcome.

Keynote Speakers

Rev. Roger D. Haight, SJ, PhD, is the author of Spiritual and Religious: Explorations for Seekers, a collection of essays in which he asserts that at the heart of religion and church is the life-giving presence of spirit. “Spirituality consists in the way we live,” he writes, “and it constitutes our identity” in relationship to “a transcendent value or ultimate reality.” (7, 19) Seekers are those who are “not squarely at home in any established religious faith … they are looking for meaning in their own lives and a wider framework that would supply a broader context for such a meaning.” (18)

Ms. Katie Gordon, MTS, is a national leader in working among religiously unaffiliated millennials to explore questions of spirituality, community, and justice. She is part of the core team of “Nuns & Nones,” an alliance of spiritually diverse millennials, women religious and key partners working to create a more just, equitable and loving world. She is currently at Harvard Divinity School in the MTS program in religion, politics and ethics. 


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