Visitation North – Mary Magdalene: History and Tradition

Saturday, April 29
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Visitation North

“Mary Magdalene: History and Tradition” is the last of three presentations in the “Great Women Series.” It is facilitated by Annemarie S. Kidder, PhD, IHM Associate. The Gospels refer to several women entering Jesus’ tomb. Of those named, Mary Magdalene is always mentioned first. What do we know of Mary Magdalene from the Scriptures and extracanonical writings? What was her role among Jesus’ disciples and in the early Church? In this presentation, we will explore the varied portraits of Mary through the centuries and how she may model for us a faithful walk with Christ.

Suggested offering is $25. Contact Visitation North at 248-433-0950 or to register. Please note that Visitation North is not handicapped-accessible.