The Call to be Mystics in Everyday Life – Visitation Spirituality Center

Saturday, March 9
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Visitation North

The Call to be Mystics in Everyday Life will be presented by Julie Vieira, IHM. Karl Rahner, perhaps the greatest Catholic theologian of the 20th century, wrote: “The Christian of the future will either be a mystic … or cease to be anything at all.” Participants will explore the concept of mysticism as found in the thought of this critical thinker; consider the meaning of mysticism; insights from a variety of spiritual traditions; and the invitation for each of us to become a mystic in everyday life.

Suggested offering is $25; “Frequent Flyer” discount – for those who register for three or more programs, the suggested offering is $20 for each program. Contacting Visitation Spirituality Center at 248-433-0950 or to register.

Please note that Visitation is not handicapped-accessible.