Navigating the Wilderness of Prayer: Insights from Teresa of Avila – Visitation Spirituality Center

Saturday, October 13
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Visitation North

The wilderness is an intriguing place that is vast, uncultivated and treacherous while still resplendent with beauty and life. In Scripture, it is often used as an image for speaking about one’s relationship with God and reflects the struggles of both the individual and the community. How do we inhabit this wilderness of our own lives? What happens when prayer itself feels like wandering in the desert? Participants will walk with Teresa of Avila, exploring her experience of God and wilderness and her meditation on the “four waters” of prayer. Presented by Julie Vieira, IHM

The suggested offering is $25. Contact Visitation Spirituality Center at 248-433-0950 or Please note that Visitation is not handicapped-accessible.

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