Living Our Maturing Years: The Best Is Yet to Come – Visitation Spirituality Center

Saturday, November 10
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Visitation North

If we don’t listen to the world’s stereotypes, myths and jokes about getting older, life is filled with possibilities, growth, depth and joy, particularly in the things that matter. This morning is for maturing people of integrity, touching the world with tremendous love. Participants will explore ways to deepen the gift they are, to enjoy the precious moments, to continue to develop relationships and to celebrate the ways they give their special way-of-being to others which makes this world a more caring place. Presented by Janet Schaeffler, OP

The suggested offering is $25. Contact Visitation Spirituality Center at 248-433-0950 or Please note that Visitation is not handicapped-accessible.

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