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Listening to the in-between spaces Feature Image

Listening to the in-between spaces

Tuesday, June 14
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Have you ever gone on a trip and drove for miles without seeing any landmarks or signs or gas stations? It can be unnerving, but we persevere, trusting in a destination we cannot yet see. Our spiritual journey may be like that where we find ourselves “in-between”; we’ve moved away from something familiar and haven’t quite reached the new space. The unknown territory can be uncomfortable but also filled with potential. How can we better understand the in-between spaces of our life? What approaches and skills can help us reorient and move through these spaces? Our explorations will take us into spirituality, the in-between spaces experienced by Jesus of Nazareth and the “borderland” writings of Chicana writer Gloria Anzaldúa.

Julie Vieira, IHM, MA, (she/her) is a writer, presenter and thinker in spirituality with particular attentiveness to living the darkness and light — the poetry and rough prose — of everyday life. She serves as the Director of IHM Spirituality Ministries.

Registration Deadline: June 11, 2022
Suggested Donation: $15
Registration Process/Contact: Register online here or contact IHM Spirituality Ministries at or 734-240-5494