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Julian of Norwich’s pandemic and ours: “All will be well” webinar

Tuesday, May 17
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Registration Deadline: May 13, 2022
Suggested Donation: $15
Register here or contact River House – IHM Spirituality Center at or 734-240-5494.
Instructions to access the webinar will be provided at registration.

Julian of Norwich (1373-1416/1423) lived in England during continuing outbreaks of the Black Death or Great Pestilence. The pandemic was most severe in 1347-1351 when about half of Western Europe died. When she was thirty, Julian experienced a series of visions of Christ in his Passion and later reflected on these Revelations after she became an anchoress, a form of hermit life. In the midst of all the suffering of her time, Julian wrote, “All will be well—and all manner of things shall be well.” Why could she say this and what might this mean for us as COVID continues to impact our world?

This webinar is led by Sue Rakoczy, IHM, Ph.D.  She is a feminist theologian with a particular research interest in the writings of women mystics. She recently completed 32 years of academic teaching in South Africa.